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Home Remedies Of Acidity

AcidityAre you a person pottering in the kitchen then you are at an advantage in the present stressed and busy world? The common ingredients used in every day meal are better home remedies for acidity.

The digestion of food involves the acid that is normally secreted in the stomach, and excess of it results in Acidity. This is a common ailment in most of the people due to the inappropriate diet, as well as due to the inequity between physical labor and rest. In chronic cases reflux of acidic contents leads to heart burn.

Healthy habits

Drink plenty of water, eating while hungry, avoid fried and spicy foods, stop smoking and cut down alcohol, Yoga and meditation to relieve mental stress would be the first step for a person to start.

Foods of choice

Milk and milk products, cereals like wheat or its products and bananas are also good choices as they help in relieving the symptoms of acidity. Banana is alkaline and is very good in neutralizing the acid forming diets.

Watermelon and cucumber are two others, which are efficient in protecting against acidity and heart burn. The vitamin B and E in green leafy vegetables and sprouts aids in digestion and also eliminate acids from the body.

Other suggested remedies

1. A salad prepared with grated cucumber, fresh coriander leaves, tomato and fresh curd is a perfect home remedy for acidity.

2. Chewing mint or basil leaves or sucking a small piece of jaggery or clove after a meal relieves the flatulence and acidity.

3. Fresh Mint or onion juice is also a good remedy for hyper-acidity.

4. Eat thin strips of lemon dipped in salt before meals to prevent heartburn.

5. Another simple home remedy for acidity is including almond in your snacks.

6. The pulp or water of tender coconut is an effective remedy for hyper-acidity as they are alkaline and soothen the gastric irritation.

7. Drinking water boiled with 1 tsp of caraway seed 2-3 times a day is also a suggested acidity remedy.

8. Add a tsp of aniseed to boiled water, left overnight, strained and consume with honey in your empty stomach daily in the early morning is our grannies remedies for acidity.

9. Crush a cardamom and clove and chew it after a meal. This has a dual role of a mouth freshener as well as helps to relieve acidity.

These home remedies of acidity are at a hands reach for most of the people and if the symptoms persist consult your doctor.

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