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Posted (Health4all) in Neuritis on June-21-2008

Home Remedies for Neuritis are considered as important ones by medical experts in addition to the public.  As one of the home remedies for neuritis, barley brew may be of useful to a greater extent as a home remedy for the inflammation of nerves.

Yeah. What you have to take is fill up the cup up to a half with pearled barley rain and soak it in water full of cup. Now boil this and take the filtrate.

This can be taken as such. However, to boost up its effect, you can add one teaspoon of pepper or juice from half a lime.

This helps to stimulate your immunity level also. Carrots, pineapples, apples etc. shall be used for the preparation of juices related with home remedy for neuritis, for few days.

This helps to give adequate strength and corrects the imbalances in nutrition.

Then this schedule may be well followed up with the provision of actual fruits and diet with cereals. Particularly, the patients with neuritis may be offered whole wheat, homemade cottage cheese, brown rice, sprouted vegetables.

Raw vegetables are good for the maintenance of health in these persons. About two hundred ml of spinach juice and three hundred ml of carrot juice will be the better choices for treating persons with neuritis.

Epson salt may be added up with water at the rate of one tablespoon of this salt in one cup of hot water. Weekly minimum three to four baths may be given and every time, bath time should be twenty five to thirty five minutes.

This gives a dramatic relief from neuritis. Soya bean milk is considered as one of the home remedies for neuritis. Yeah… You can add one teaspoon of honey also to the cup of Soya bean milk. Mind that this milk is nutritionally rich in nutrients.

Particularly, lecithin and glutamic acid are in plenty along with vitamin B. Further, care is to be given if you prepare the soya bean milk.

In the process, always a soaking of about twelve hours is required in water. Remove the skin and by using a grinder grind this and make it into a paste.

Then add water up to three times to this and slowly boil it. After stirring it thoroughly, filter it using a cheese clothe and the sugar may be now added to this milk.

About ten grams of fresh orange flowers may be taken along with honey as a best remedy. The orange flowers are considered to enrich the nervous system to a greater extent.

Ayurvedic treatments using panchakarma are being practiced through out the world to strengthen the nervous system in case of neuritis-affected persons.

Indian herbs like Brahmi, Ashwagandha etc. may be of helpful for the treatment of this condition. Avoid condiments, tinned food items and spices in the food items in general.

Moderate physical activities, various types of oil massaging and swimming activities may assist in the fast recovery.

The gentle massaging of whole body in a careful manner may help a lot in effecting the cure from this condition.

Feed items that are rich in vitamin B complex are also the home remedies for neuritis and in particular the vitamin B1, vitamin B6 and vitamin B12 are to be taken up frequently. These vitamins containing vegetables are best home remedies for neuritis.

Posted (Health4all) in Nose Bleeding on June-20-2008

Home Remedies for nose bleeding

Home Remedies for nose bleed are now a day considered as significant ones in effecting the healing effects. Yeah. No doubt that the home remedies for nose bleed is given more emphasis even by the medical persons.

Never panic if you have nose bleeding. Just hold nose for five minutes between thumb and index finger. During this time, breathe by mouth.

Never agitate till another day. You may get your nose bleeding stopped in few minutes.

However, if you agitate your head, the capillaries in nose may get again damaged and the bleeding may occur again.

Apply juice obtained from Durva or Durb grass into each nostril and this has got tremendous effects in case of nose bleeding.

As one of the home remedies for nosebleed, you can add a piece of camphor in small amounts of coriander leaves.

Though you have different feeling inside nose due to clots, never attempt to remove clots for a day.

Juice obtained from amla or Indian gooseberry may be of more help since they contain more vitamin C in the contents.

Zinc has some good effect on the maintenance of integrity of blood vessels. Hence, eat food items that have more zinc. For example, you can have whole wheat bread, brown rice and popcorn.

Apply clean water but in cool conditions without any suffocation into the nasal passage to the possible extent.

This leads to healing effects. See that you are not suffocating by this. Also apply ice packs or cold compresses on the external surfaces of nose regions. This helps to stop the bleeding.

Even you eat fig with honey or preferably with jaggery and this helps for effecting recovery to a greater extent.

Being in dry winter air and mountain air atmosphere will help in making healing effects in a very short time. Yeah. This is a fact.

Even you can rub the contents of vitamin E capsule inside the nostrils and this helps in the provision of antioxidant effects in the spot. Now the nose bleed may stop.

The juice obtained from pomegranate flowers or leaves may also be used as one of the home remedies in these conditions.

Dried Indian gooseberry may be kept in water overnight and then this water may be given to the patients with nosebleed. This forms a better remedy.

Ghee may be mixed with a piece of alum and then apply few drops from this mixture into the nasal passages. You may get immediate relief.

A drop of lemon juice inside the nasal passage may help a lot in this regard. Consume dark green leaf containing vegetable more since they contain vitamin K that is associated with clotting effect.

Just lie down with a newspaper on the head covering nose. Even this also is quoted as one of the home remedies in cases of nose bleeding.

Some times, place just a wet towel over the head as one of the home remedies for nosebleed. Home remedies for nosebleed are not to be neglected.

Posted (Health4all) in Other Diseases on June-17-2008

Have you ever come across this term- Myasthenia Gravis? It is nothing but a rare neuromuscular disease. It is an autoimmune disease.

Myasthenia Gravis is caused when there is a defect in the transmission of nerve impulses to muscles. Adults with cancer in thymus gland will be suffering from Myasthenia Gravis.

The symptoms of this disease includes eye muscle weakness, slurred speech and Dysphagia (difficult in swallowing). Even the chronic suffers show symptom of drooping of one or both eyelids. Other symptoms include weakness in neck, legs, hands and arms, Diplopia (Double vision), etc.

By means of individual’s medical history, and physical and neurological examinations, you can easily diagnose myasthenia gravis. A special blood test is being conducted to detect the presence of auto immune molecules will also help to identify the disease.

Neostigmine and Pyridostigmine are the two major drugs used to treat Myasthenia Gravis. Other measures to control the spread of Myasthenia Gravis include providing respirator for assisted ventilation and creating a medical emergency.

There is a poor awareness among the Myasthenia Gravis sufferers that’s why Myasthenia Gravis Foundation of America is considering June as a Myasthenia Gravis Awareness month. If you know anybody who is suffering from the above discussed symptoms, please educate them or ask them to consult a physician to diagnose the condition, which they are suffering from…

Posted (Health4all) in Product Reviews on June-15-2008


One of my friend used Viagra regularly for intense orgasm. Now he is under medication due to the ill effects of viagra. If viagra is being taken over a longer period, you may be suffered with side effects like  headache, flushing, and heart palpitations. Now he switched over to other viagra alternative- Kamagra.

Stuffy nose and sometimes-mild heartburn are also being noticed among the viagra users. That’s why most of the chronic viagra users are turning their head towards Kamagra Tablets.

Viagra is not a miracle cure for sexually dysfunction patients. You do need to be sexually aroused to get it working. If you want perfect satisfaction, Kamagra UK is a perfect substitute for Viagra.

Kamagra is not only used for continued pleasure but also impotence and erectile dysfunction. This is not only available as tablets but also pleasant smell jelly- mint, orange, pineapple. This product gives extended effective time of up to 36 hours.

More men are using it to build their self-esteem and be more confident when it comes to their sexual interactions.

This company is having satisfying customers since 2003. This company makes the ordering process more secure and easier. Moreover this company keeps your details more confidential than any other as they are using latest security systems.

You’ll be amazed to find that Kamagra work just as well but without expensive cost. I am damn sure it will give you new sense of freedom.

Posted (Health4all) in Breast Cancer, women on June-12-2008

Breast cancer

Yesterday Scientists warned recently that chemicals in the lipstick and nail varnish promotes breast cancer. Healthy development of breast tissue is being interfered by Butyl Benzyl Phthalate (BBP), the main composition of lipstick.

This chemical mimics the estrogen, the female sex organ. So the environmental campaigners called for it to be banned in the cosmetic injury.

Nearly 90% of the breast cancer patients of UK confirmed that they were using the lipstick at least thrice daily to make their dull face into wow face.

After warning from the researchers they disowned the usage of lipstick and nail varnishes.

Now-a-days US women also known about the importance of their life than cosmetics. So they’re reluctant to use lipstick and ready to bear their dull face than challenging their life. So think twice before using lip stick on your perfect lips to avoid breast cancer.

Check Daily Mail for more info…

Posted (Health4all) in Prostate on June-1-2008

Enlarged Prostate home remedy

Saw palmetto Serenoa repens looks like a plam-like plant that grows in the southeast of United States. It is a small palm with fan-shaped leaves and dark brownish-black berry-like fruit the size of olives. These berries contain palmetto oil, a volatile and fatty oil containing beneficial lipids and sterols.

Saw Palmetto originated from Florida Where the natives ate the berries as staple food.It stamped it mark

First in Europe, a place where demand is high for alternative medicine. Physicians in Europe still recommends Saw palmetto to treat prostate enlargement unlike in the United States. Prostate enlargement happens to nearly all males as part of the ageing process. It is normal but it becomes a problem when it blocks the urethra causing urination and bladder problems.

Saw Palmetto main purpose it to treat benign prostatic hyperplasia(BHP),an enlargement of the prostate gland.Androgens cause prostate enlargement.Androgens are male sex hormones produced by the testicles and, in small amounts, by the adrenal glands. It is  revealed that extract from saw palmetto negates androgens. It also has anti-inflammatory functions.

It is still doubtful how saw palmetto functions. Observation using white mice revealed that extract from saw palmetto berries blocks the functions of the enzyme 5-alpha-reductase.It is a substance that stimulates the growth of DHT, or Dihydrotestosterone, responsible for prostate tissue growth.It will continuously pushing the DHT until it breaks down, and finally excreted.

So what should you do if you are showing signs of prostate enlargement? First consult your doctor to examine that you do not have prostate cancer. Then both of you can decide which is best in treating prostate enlargement; be it prescribed medicine or saw palmetto extract or both.

This article shows the benefits of saw palmetto and its significance in easing enlarged prostate symptoms. Please consult your doctor on any treatment available and an important notice to all men do not suffer in silence.