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Posted (Health4all) in Uncategorized on September-26-2008

Home Remedies for Anorexia

Home remedies for anorexia are having more emphasis among many persons including those associated with medical fields. Home remedies for anorexia often are needed by all persons at some pint of the life. Hope you may agree with me in this regard.

You can take a little amount of ginger root and peel it of and now you have to make it into a paste.

For the preparation of this paste, it is better to add one black pepper and a pinch of previously fried asafetida in powder form.

This paste is to be taken on an empty stomach on daily basis. This needs to be continued for a period of not less than fifteen days.

Garlic may be taken daily for few days till you get recovered from the anorexia. Yeah. Garlic may also be helpful in correcting the immune system. This in fact helps to boost up your immune system.

Some times, when you offer some more palatable items like chicken soup to a non vegetarian person who is suffering from anorexia, it may be taken willingly. However, you have to judge on the palatable item that is suitable to the concerned person. Read the rest of this entry »

Posted (Health4all) in Amnesia on September-24-2008


Think about home remedies for amnesia. Oops! You get delighted immediately. Am I right? Yeah. Through out the world, persons are silently looking for the suitable home remedies for amnesia. This is true!

is said to be one of the best home remedies for amnesia. Yeah. You have to accept this. Many persons have recommended its usage.

What you have to do is just prepare tea by mixing ginger with clean water in a glass of water. The tea is to be taken twice per day for many days.

Go for the intake of walnuts. Yes. You need to use about twenty walnuts for the improvement of your brain function. Better crush it and make into powder form and mix it well with nine or ten raisins or figs and eat it on daily basis. You may feel to get the strengthened brain power. Ok?

Go for some Ayurvedic preparations containing items like Ashwagandha and Mandookparni, Shankhpushpi etc. Read the rest of this entry »

Posted (Health4all) in Worms on September-23-2008

Home Remedies for Intestinal worms

Home remedies for intestinal worms play a vital part in enhancement of health status among many individuals. You start loving of such home remedies for intestinal worms, in the course of time if you know about the existence of items in your locality.



Home remedies for intestinal worms consist of even using the roots of the banyan tree. Yeah. You have to grind this well and add some Jaggery also to this.



Now mix it well and add some Fenneliculum vulgare which is commonly called as Fennel seeds. Now take about five grams from this mixture.



You have to take it both morning and evening. You get maximum number of worms in the gut removed during defecation.



Coconut, Garlic and Vasaka may do wonders in getting relieved from many helminthes present in your both small and large intestines. Yeah. This is true!



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Posted (Health4all) in Belching on September-17-2008

home remedies for belching

Home remedies for belching are available in plenty. You have to choose the right kind of home remedies for belching if you want a proper relief. Yeah. This is true!

A simple home remedy for belching is the grocery item called asafetida. What you have to do is just fry few pieces of this item in limited oil and then crush it well. Go for one teaspoon of this powder and add it to half a cup of butter milk. Consume it for nearly three to four times in a day. You may be stunned on seeing the best effects for the belching problem.

Carbo.veg. is another herbal plant that is of highly useful in giving a maximum benefits to the persons who suffer from belching like problems. This herb helps to support the blood circulation and thereby improves the gastric functions.

Some foods like milk and sugary food items may lead to the occurrence of belching. Hence, take care in avoiding these.

Garlic may be added to butter milk after crushing them. Drink it in empty stomach. This may give an immediate relief from belching or burping and is one of the home remedies for belching.

Some times to the diluted milk, you can add two pieces of garlic and just boil this mixture. Take this in empty stomach preferably.

Try to avoid some food items that promote the development of gas inside your gastric system like cabbage and some cereals.

You have to drink warm water with three drops of essence oil in it and additionally, you need to do moderate exercises. Tea made from blackberry, chamomile etc. may help a lot in order to provide maximum relief for you from belching..

Herbal preparations containing the herbs like Foeniculum officinale are of more useful in making a better relief.

This particular herbal product is good since it strengthens the digestive processes by support of the gastric system and helps to detoxify the contents that may cause more discomforts to the stomach region.

Similarly, lemon juice is to be prepared by using half lemon. To this juice you have to add honey at rate of one teaspoon. Stir it well.

Have this as a healthy drink daily and is quoted as one of the best home remedies for belching. But you have to take this in empty stomach preferably and also at bed time. Believe me.

This may do wonders in your gastric system. Many elders have got benefited by this kind of preparation.

Herbs like Arctium lappa that is commonly called as burdock are used to a greater extent to reduce the belching and in particular the non-recurrent bloat. This is considered by many individuals as the best gastric system supporter. Got it?

Also you can use any herbal preparation that contains mainly the Zingiber officinalis. Don’t get panic. This is nothing but the ginger.

Many ancient literatures have quoted its usage in making a relief from belching. Ginger is known to be a stimulator for a better digestion in an individual. There are persons who take the decoction made with ginger on daily basis.

Ginger is considered as best home remedies for belching. No doubt that best home remedies for belching are always welcome ones by all.

Posted (Health4all) in Eczema on September-14-2008

home remedies for eczema

Home remedies for eczema are given more emphasis now a day through out the world. These home remedies for eczema are mostly adored by the old man. As a youth, you should make use of these simple strategies.

You have to analyze the remedies available in your locality. For example, you can try to prepare a paste from few pieces of camphor and sandal wood material. Apply these liberally over the eczematous parts of skin. You find some tremendous recovery.

Have a pinch of nutmeg or jaiphal and mix it with small amounts of water that is clean and boiled and cooled, earlier. Yeah. Just apply this paste over the affected regions. You may wonder on the good effects made by this paste.

Oops… You may find remedies like natural vitamin E and these are good for the treatment of the eczema. Apply neem oil or neem paste over the skin lesions. You get a nice recovery in a short time. Mind that neem is having antibacterial effects also.

More water has to be drunk always and this helps a lot in eliminating many toxins of the body that may have some indirect or direct activities with the development of eczematous conditions in the patients.

Shark cartilage may be made into powder form and then mixed with water, in order to make it as a paste form. Then apply on the affected parts of skin.

Lotion of blueberry may be of great use in effecting the recovery from these affections. However, if you develop any allergy, you have to discontinue all the remedies that are being used at your end.

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Posted (Health4all) in Common Cold on September-12-2008

Home Remedies For Common Cold

Home Remedies for cold are in plenty. Yeah… It is to be considered more significant because you need not rely on allopathic medicines alone to tackle the cold. As one of the home remedies for cold, take steam, which can clear chest congestion.

This therapy forms a good remedy available in the home itself. Take three cups of water and boil it. To this add sage and little alum and now gargle it four to five times a day. This leads to a dramatic relief from cold.

Many recommend taking of zinc containing pills because zinc is known to cure cold. Garlic can be taken and may be ground well.

Now paste is formed from this garlic and this can be added at rate of one spoon to one cup of milk that is warmed.

This helps to relief the chest congestion in addition to relieving of cold. Some times, external application over the chest region may help the patients.

Yeah. Take one tablespoon of mustard seeds and to this add one-forth flour to this and add now lukewarm water also. Now paste is formed.

Apply it over a cotton cloth and cover it by another cloth. Now apply over chest and this gives a dramatic relief now, as a home remedy for cold.

For infants, many remedies are difficult to administer. Hence, you can use the homemade nose drops.

This is prepared by adding a pinch of salt to lukewarm water. Carefully apply one or two drops of this solution prepared into the nose to relieve the nasal congestion in infants.

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Posted (Health4all) in Ulcers on September-6-2008

Home Remedies for Mouth Ulcer

Home Remedies for mouth ulcer is now a day considered as a significant one towards the successful treatment of mouth ulcers. Yeah. This is an accepted fact.  One of the home remedies for mouth ulcer is to apply pure salt over the mouth ulcer.

The bark of the Chebulic myrobalan is highly useful in the treatment of mucosal ulcers in the mouth regions. Though it may be irritating for some time, your recovery is almost a confirmed one by this method.

Take a cotton swab and just soak it in cider vinegar for some time. Then you have to place it over the oral ulcerated regions and press it gently over the inflamed gum regions. The recovery is assured one.

Many persons even recommend to have a drink containing cranberry juice for mouth ulcer as home remedy.If you are having a bad ulcerated mouth, take a raw coconut and cut it into many pieces.

Then you have to place them into your mouth and munch it several times and then spit it. There are more chances that you get often a dramatic relief.

Though irritating, apply Listerine in your home. You get a quick remedy by this. Indian gooseberry or amalaki is of highly useful in relieving constipation and in healing of ulcers.

Yeah. You have to understand that often the ulcerated regions are occurring in the oral regions due to the constipation related problems. Place more salt materials into water.

Make it into a saturated solution and then use it for gargle it many times. At least, four to five times in a day, you have to repeat it. It has a tremendous relief.

Place alum over the ulcerated region and have a gentle press over the ulcer. Many persons recommend the usage of ginger over the ulcer.

Though you may not feel comfortable in the beginning, the effects are welcome ones and often, you may get satisfied about the final outcome. Apply honey and coconut milk over the affected parts.

This kind of application has to be made at least for three times in a day. A decoction of bark obtained from the banyan tree which is scientifically called as Ficus religiosa is of much useful as a treatment item for mouth ulcers.

Soda carbonate may be used as a home remedy for mouth ulcer and this usage is done by many persons in this globe.

First apply this over the ulcer and then wash it away. Then what you have to do is dip your finger in the powder and place it in the ulcer regions. Best effects are achieved by these applications.

Acacia catechu is a plant that is called commonly in the west as catechu and this plant is much useful as a home remedy against the ulcers.

Licerice is one of the home remedy that is being used in many tooth pastes and tooth cleaning solutions.

This is of much helpful in the therapy of ulcers in oral regions. The cooling herb called Henna that bears the scientific name Lawsonium alba is of much useful as a medicament in case of oral ulcerations.

As one of the home remedies for mouth ulcer, fenugreek leaves have astringent activities. Hence, the gargling with these seeds help a lot in healing of oral ulcers as one of the best home remedies for mouth ulcer..