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Home Remedies for Alzheimers Disease

Home remedies for Alzheimer invite attention through out the world now a day. In fact, the home remedies for Alzheimer are required by many persons in various regions, in a serious manner.

Homer remedies for Alzheimer consist of usage of Gian ceng ta, many times. This is also called as Huperzia serata.

This Chinese preparation helps to block the acetylcholinesterase which is normally associated with destruction of acetylcholine that maintains the brain function. This is also called commonly as club moss.

You may have to take plenty of vitamin E. Yeah. This is one of the better home remedies for Alzheimer because this vitamin is mainly associated with the anti oxidant property and is recommended by many persons.

Blueberries may do tremendous helps in healing the abnormalities noticed in various nerve cells in body. Yeah. This has more vitamin E and hence, daily this may be taken to alleviate the problems.

Even vitamin C may be taken daily. About one thousand mg of vitamin C may be taken by the patients affected with this disorder. Ginger and honey are also better ones for this condition.

This helps for the protection of the red cells in the blood. Valerian roots are again the more useful ones that help the sleeping activities. The pattern of sleeping is influenced by these herbal items.

Sun flower seeds and sesame have to be consumed along with multiple vegetables. Hence, you have to go for multiple types of raw vegetables. Among these, the colored and leafy ones shall find a major portion of your diet schedule.

Have a clean vessel and pour hot water in this. Place carefully few drops of peppermint oil and the concerned patient has to be requested to have a deep inhaling of this steam. Now the patient may be highly relaxed from the lethargic features. It is true.

Essential fatty acids must be taken for these patients. So, go for the food items that have more of these fatty acids.

Similarly, you have to seek the fish oil also as remedy for this problem. Many commercially available fish oil preparations are available with multiple food health food stores.

Ginko biloba extract is another wanted home remedy that can be used for the therapy of Alzhiemer.

Kava kava and items like St.John's wort do wonders in minimizing the anger in a person affected with this kind of disorder.

It is to be remembered that since this disease is a progressive disease, the progress has to be minimized by using many natural remedies.

Curcuma longa is nothing but turmeric and is to be taken regularly in case of affected patients. Many times this home remedy is routinely taken in Indian diets along with various spicy items.

Turmeric powder may be added in a glass of warm milk and daily this can be taken twice and you can have this drink for many months.

For better effects, you have to eat more amounts of fiber. So, go for wheat bran and rice bran. Bran added biscuits are also available in many shops commercially.

Home remedies for Alzheimer are more considered as most significant ones even by medical experts in various places. Go for the home remedies for Alzheimer when you have this problem.


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Disclaimer: Information provided on this site is for educational purposes. The information in not given as medical advice nor is it intended to propose or offers to propose a cure for any disease or condition. Before starting any medical treatment, please consult your physician.
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