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Home Remedies For Constipation

Constipation occurs due to low fluid intake or poor diet. Sometimes even a good diet can be quickly damaged by few items. Home remedies for constipation helps a lot to ease the act of defecation. Tootsie rolls, bananas, peanut butter and cheese will stop you up, but ingestion any of these items alone might be quite okay for you.

Relieving Constipation in babies

You can use mineral oil for soften the stool. Immerse a Q-tip into this mineral oil. Now you can insert this oiled Q-tip very gently into the baby’s anus. Be careful while inserting because he has a very small rectum. Allow the baby to lye down for 30 minutes for allowing the oil to soften the feces.

Natural treatment for Constipation

You should include sufficient quantity of fiber in your diet to alleviate the constipation. Other home remedies for constipation include reserving enough time to have a bowel movement, engaging in daily exercise, and drinking enough water and other liquids such as fruit and vegetable juices and clear soups.

Apple Juice

The constipation natural remedy includes drinking apple juice in the morning as first thing. A cup of fresh apple juice will be placed in a blender, then add equal amounts of raisins and fresh or dry figs and a small organic apple. The consistency should not be thick. Consume this apple juice at least for few days daily until you get relief from your constipation.

Oat Milk

Another perfect home remedy for constipation is oat milk with Prune Juice or Fig Juice. This natural remedy will increase your bowel movement. You should drink this juice before breakfast in the morning. Mix 8 oz of milk with two droppers of full of licorice extract and 3 oz of prune juice or fig juice.


Stewed Figs

Stewed figs are considered to be an effective home remedial measure in controlling constipation. In two glasses (16 oz) of distilled water, stew 10-12 calimyma figs for 10 minutes. Make them to stand for overnight. Consume the juice after taking out the figs. Make a drink by mixing one tablespoon of honey or molasses, one banana, one cup of rice dream and three fresh or sun dried figs. You can drink this juice either in the morning or after lunch or dinner also!

Other Juices
Other juices that act as a perfect home remedy for constipation includes cherry, elder berries, black berries, Boysenberry, and Mulberry. Consuming any of these juices between meals will definitely facilitate you to chuck out constipation. These juices are also aid in bowel movement also!

Other Simple Home remedies

Mix a tablespoon of honey in a glass of milk to relieve constipation. You should take this drink twice daily.

If you add one tablespoonful of corn syrup in 8 oz of water and drink this water syrup daily until you get relieved from constipation.

Including Guava at least weekly once will made your constipation go away in no time. This home remedy acts by intake of guava seeds which act as a roughage to your daily diet.

Providing bran cereal to the older children, infants and toddlers may help in relieving constipation.

Another home remedy for constipation is to eat Bale fruit, which provides perfect laxative effect on your intestine. This fruit tones and cleans up your intestine to provide relief from constipation.


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