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Home Remedies For Diabetes

Diabetes is very common disorder noticed in many now. This disorder is either due to insufficient production of insulin from pancreas or any other thing that interferes with the transfer of the body blood sugar to the cells. Managing the diabetes is simple if you are sincere and careful about the health. Here are some useful home remedies than help in controlling the diabetes.

Home Remedies

1. You must include fresh vegetables such, cucumber, coriander, coconut, pumpkin, bitter guard, tomato, lemon, carrot, ginger, radish, and onion as mush as possible in the diet.

2. Fruits are rich in fiber. Consume fruits such as apple, guava, figs, orange and lemon as much as possible. Some Grains like oatmeal, barley, wheat, maize, bajra, puffer rice, rice flakes, and refined wheat without husk are rich in fiber which can be used for consumption. Cumin seeds, turmeric, dry pepper and corianders seeds too are good source of fiber, hence can be used liberally in food.

3. The seeds that are rich in fiber such as coriander seeds need to be soaked in water [100 seeds in 250 g water] in the evening. Let it remain as it is overnight. Next day morning, sieve the water using clean cloth and drink the filter regularly for two months for controlling the diabetes.

4. Consume two spoons of juice of parijataka and bilva leaves two times a day. The juices of both should be in equal parts. This drink will have the diabetes problem under control.

5. Grapefruit consumption on daily basis is also recommended for diabetes control as natural remedy.

6. Take 3-4 mango tree leaves. Boil then in water for few minutes and drink daily. This is excellent natural remedy for diabetes.

7. Taking soybean in the diet on regular basis is good for diabetic patients as this doesn't contain sugar but a good source of energy.

8. Doing regular exercise, preferably aerobic exercises such as brisk walking is of immense help for the diabetic patients. The chances of heart disease are thus prevented for those who are otherwise prone for it.

9. It is better to avoid stressful condition and tension in life as much as possible.

10. One should avoid chocolates, sweets, grapes, banana, cakes, pastries, oils etc.

11. The other good natural remedy for diabetes is drinking bitter guard [karela] juice daily one time.

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