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Home Remedies for Abrasions


Home Remedies for abrasions are plenty in practice thought out the world and the home remedies for abrasions vary from country to country. However, still you find similarity in the approaches.

Honey is sweetish. Yeah... Everybody knows that. But how many persons know that it is used as one of the home remedies for abrasions. Yeah... This has got such an antibacterial effect on the body if applied on wounds or abrasions.

Many times, the honey need not be applied as such. Instead, you have to take honey on gauze and then apply the gauze with honey added surface touching the abrasions side. This helps to avoid the unpleasant stickiness during the application of honey.

Crushed marigolds flowers may be added with clean water and apply this as a paste over the sites and is considered as one of the best home remedies for abrasions.

Well-boiled and cooled water itself is considered as a natural remedy available everywhere. The abrasions have to be washed by using clean water first and this helps to remove the debris attached on the areas with abrasions.

Then you have to dry these areas by exposing to the air. Subsequently smear these areas with vitamin E oil.

No doubt that there may be some sorts of irritation because of the acidic nature of the lemon juice but still it kills the germs to a greater extent.

Home remedies for abrasions further involve the usage of paste with comfrey, calendula and tea tree. This is also an item that can make mild irritation during the application but still it makes a remarkable healing effect in patients who are affected with the abrasions.

Yeah... Believe me. This is true only! There are notable antibacterial effects exerted by this acidic medicament.

Cayenne pepper may help to stop the bleeding and the effects of inflammation in the sites with abrasions.

Garlic oil if applied may make tremendous effects in the affected regions. Garlic oil has not only the anti bacterial effect but is also good for tackling the swelling effects noticed in the affected regions.

Similarly, the milk cream may be applied and the casein available in the milk cream is of more useful for effecting cure.

Apply aloe vera gel and you will get astonished on the speed with which the wound is getting healed.

Coat the abrasions with Vaseline and this will be helping like anything than when in use for the treatment of dry skin. Yeah... This may act like a medium that interferes with the further entry of pathogens at the site of affections.

Simple anti bacterial soap may be used and never use any soap that is normally used for the washing of clothes. Prior to this, first the wound has to be cleaned with running water. You get now satisfied.

Many persons even apply the cod liver oil over the abrasions. Vitamin A in this preparation helps for the integration of the damaged skin areas in the areas with abrasions.

Parsley leave based paste may be applied over the site as one of the best home remedies for abrasions. Home remedies for abrasions are to be used as soon as possible after the occurrence of abrasions.


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