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Home remedies for corn

Corns are caused by skin friction or pressure. Corns are thickened skin found on the sides and top of the toes. These Corns and calluses can be cured through effective home remedies. Papaya is a frequently used home remedy for corn. The corn affected area can be massaged with one tablespoon of papaya juice. Let it get dried for a few hours. Pineapple is also an effective anti corn agent. Like Papaya juice you can apply pineapple juice on the corn infested areas. Allow it to stay for few hours to get dried.

Make a mix of liquorices(Khadira) and mustard oil, by blending a few quantity of mustard oil along with Khadirs of one and half tablespoon in quantity. Make it into a paste and administer it on the corn infected portions. Let is stay for one whole night. This therapy helps in reducing the pain and swelling. It is efficient in curing corns.

Lemon is another domestic remedy for corns. Daub the corn infected areas with two or three fresh lemon slices. Let it stay for a few hours. This provides you with immense relief from corns. Another effective agent in combating corns is green figs. It makes the corn softer and then gradually eradicates it. Take half a tablespoon of green fig juice by extracting and dab it on corn affected areas. Corns can also be removed by simply tying the toe with a cloth immersed in vinegar. Let the knot be on your tor for a one day and one night. Remove the bind, the corn will remove along with it to. You will get complete relief from corns. Squiilla(Urginea indica) an effective Indian herb is very helpful in eradicating corns. This herb’s bulb or tuber must be heated and applied on the corn affected places.

Another simple home remedy for corn is simply mixing chalk powder with water and applying the paste on the corn affected areas. Cleanliness plays a vital role in preventing corns. Your surrounding should be clean and hygienic. Above all cleanliness should start from you. You ought to keep your always keep your feet clean and tidy. The corn affected areas should be douched with medicated powder. The areas that are more prone to corns are finger gaps and finer nails. You should always keep these areas clean and apply it with medicated powder. The dirt from finger nails and fingers can be removed with the help of medicated cleansers. This gives you great relief from pain always wear shores that are comfortable for you r feet. Avoid wearing tight shoes which exercises pressure on your which would lead to formation of corns.

Always eat a well balanced foot enriched with vitamins and minerals. Take ample amount of fruit s and vegetables in your food. Taking large amount of green vegetables increases your body immunity. Do not use other people’s shoes which may also lead to corn.

Follow the above mentioned remedies in fighting corns. These home remedies for corns are found to be very effective and useful. .

Disclaimer: Information provided on this site is for educational purposes. The information in not given as medical advice nor is it intended to propose or offers to propose a cure for any disease or condition. Before starting any medical treatment, please consult your physician.
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