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Home Remedies for Insomnia

Insomnia is nothing but sleep disorder. Many prefer to take the help of sleeping pill. Sleeping pills of course make you sleep faster, but the quality of sleep is much inferior. You don't get the fresh feeling the next morning. Besides this, the sleeping pills are not a permanent and long time solution. Everyone does require quality sleep for their well being. Here are few home remedies for insomnia.

Remember, insomnia is not a mild health problem. People with insomnia are more prone for depression and killer heart disease. The home remedies mentioned here may take long time for treating the problem, but be sure you will get out of the problem once for all.

Regular exercise is first home remedy suggested. Exercise here doesn't means going to gym and working out till you get tired. Just brisk walking or jogging for 40 minutes will do. The exercise must not be done before bedtime. In that case, the exercise will further complicate insomnia problem. Exercise must be done in the morning or evening.


The other home remedy is saying absolute no to naps. Napping for few hours in a day too can disturb your sleep pattern and results in insomnia, hence avoid it in total. Indulge in some other activity instead of napping such as reading books, watching television, , doing household chores etc. Never eat, just before going to bed. Your dinner must be two to three hours before sleep. Otherwise the stomach will be working in full vigor to digest your dinner, thus preventing you from sleeping.

One has to sleep within 7 minutes after closing the eyes in bed. This is absolutely normal. If more than 15 minutes taken to get sleep, then it is a problem. For some the above mentioned home remedies may not work, there is nothing to bother. There are so many other remedies that are discussed below. Any one of them will certainly help them.

Inhaling the smoke of marijuana just before going to bed helps immensely. Some may feel slightly groggy in the morning. Brisk walk for few minutes will correct that problem. This method is not permitted in some country on morality or legality grounds, but it works for insomnia.

You can consume tea with milk steeped for 3 minutes with added honey [2 tea spoon]. Have a shower which reduces the body temperature. Lie down in bed, you are sure to sleep in few minutes. Your insomnia is gone. Taking juice of herb called kava kava two hours before beds time also helps insomnia patients.

Take Terragon leaves. Boil them for some time. Leave it for 40 minutes. Drink the broth few hours before bedtime. Your insomnia is taken care. It is always better to go for grape juice and tea instead of coffee and soda. Consume red wine instead of preferred alcoholic drink such as rum, brandy etc. limit the consumption to two glasses. Avoid oils food and pork in the dinner. Let the dinner be as light as it can be.

Place a sachet of lavender under the pillow in the morning. Sleep in the same pillow at night. Good sleep is guaranteed. Roast a pinch of cardamom. Let it become grey black in color. Boil the same roasted cardamom in a glass of water. Consume the same half an hour before sleep. It works wonderfully well for your sleep.

Exercising regularly, drinking caffeine free drinks, and limiting sugar rich drinks before bed time helps you to sleep well. Vanilla scent has calming effect. Hence lighting vanilla candle in bed room during bed time, and using vanilla scented moisturizer on hands and legs, helps greatly. Bathing in hot water at night with little basil mixed in water, relaxes the body thus making one sleep deeply.

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Disclaimer: Information provided on this site is for educational purposes. The information in not given as medical advice nor is it intended to propose or offers to propose a cure for any disease or condition. Before starting any medical treatment, please consult your physician.
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