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Perfect Home Remedies for Lice

Lice if present on your scalp cause a lot of itching. It makes you feel irritated creates a lot o discomfort. It is like a thorn in the flesh. However with some effective home remedies lice can be eradicated.

Stay away from sharing your personal paraphernalia like your comb, pillows, towel, brushes, headwear, hats etc... Moreover do not have any head to head contact with any individual.

Since lice cannot find suitable comfort with short cropped hair, make it a habit to trim down your tresses from time to time. Regularly check the areas beneath the ears, in neck area. And scalp these are the favorable destinations for lice. Hence always keep an eye on these areas. Since lice travel from one head to another, it is better that all the members in the family take precautionary measure right from head to toe. Lice go from one head to head regardless of the age group or gender whether it is infant or adult.

To eradicate lice, you should first destroy its eggs or nits. You need to brush your hair vigorously with strong bristles from time to time at least two to three times daily. Instead of using a lice comb go for flea’s combs to get effective results.

Blend half a tablespoon of olive oil along with tree tea oil of two to three tablespoon quantity. Massage the mixture on your scalp and allow it for half an hour. After a lapse of thirty minutes rinse off your hair. After this wash your hair with vinegar as it helps in destroying and removing the small lice eggs or nits. Let the vinegar stay on your scalp for ten to fifteen minutes. Then wash your hair with lukewarm water. All those lice eggs are dissolved with the vinegar and are washed off.

You can also drape your head with towel after soaking your head with olive oil. Allow it to stay for two to three hours. Then as usual rinse and wash down your hair. After drying your hair, comb your hair with comb having fine teeth.

Mix any kind of edible oil like olive, vegetable or canola together in equal percentage. Then add tree tea oil of 18 to 20 drops in quantity. Blend all those three substances and make it into a fine paste. This creamy paste can be spread on damp hair. Then knead or massage your scalp. Comb your hair along the entire lengths. Drape your head with a plastic bag and allow it to stay for three to four hours. The nits or lice will get choked and will easily fall down. Do this home remedy for lice for at least weekly once.

You can also apply Vaseline along with mayonnaise and olive oil the previous night. And wash it off the next daymorning.Use shower cap while sleeping to prevent the solution from ruining your bed sheets.

Shaving cream can also be utilized in killing the lice. Simply apply a thick coat of shaving cream on your scalp. Let it stay for fifteen to twenty minutes and then wash it off.

Disclaimer: Information provided on this site is for educational purposes. The information in not given as medical advice nor is it intended to propose or offers to propose a cure for any disease or condition. Before starting any medical treatment, please consult your physician.
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