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Home remedies for Piles

Piles is becoming a common ailment among people due to the increased stress and fast food technology. The kitchen is first and easiest place to start with as there are very effective home remedies for piles.

Piles otherwise called haemorrhoids are an inflamed condition or varicosity of the veins inside and outside the rectum, which results in pain, bleeding, soreness and irritation. The common causes are strenuous work, obesity, general weakness of the tissue of the body, mental tension, low fibre diet, chronic constipation and also sometimes hereditary.

Healthy and Good Eating Habits

An effort to tone up the entire system with regular exercise plays an important role corrective role in this condition. A gradual increase in the dietary fibre by including lots of fruits, vegetables and whole grains is a must. Whole grain breads and cereals, beans, brown rice, nuts and seeds should constitute the diet of the affected individuals.

Effective Piles Home Remedies

Dry figs- soak three or four cleaned figs in hot water overnight. Consume the figs with the water in the morning for three to four weeks to have a relief from piles.

Radish- mix 100 mg of grated white radish with a teaspoon of honey or radish juice with a pinch of salt may be taken twice daily. It can also be ground into a paste in milk and applied over the inflamed area to relieve the pain and swelling.

Turnip- extract the juice of the leaves and mix with equal quantities of juices from watercress, spinach and carrots. This has been found to be useful in treating piles.

Mango seeds- One and half to two grams of dried and powdered mango seeds should be consumed twice daily with or without honey serves as an effective remedy for bleeding piles.

Banana- a ripe banana boiled in a cup of milk should be taken 3 to 4 times a day is a good remedy for piles

Bitter gourd- the roots may be made in to a paste and applied over the piles. The leaves may be ground and the juice consumed with buttermilk every morning in treating piles.

Onion - about thirty grams of finely ground onion and add about 60 grams of sugar. This should be taken twice daily to have a good relief from bleeding and dry piles.

Cumin seeds - powder one tablespoon of roasted and unroasted black cumin seeds. Half tablespoon with a glass of water once a day is an effective home remedy for piles.

Ginger - half a teaspoon of fresh ginger juice when mixed with one teaspoon of fresh lime juice, mint juice and honey is an effective medicine for piles.

Rice gruel with a glass of buttermilk and ripe banana is extremely soothing on the digestive system.

Sesame seeds - are effective for bleeding piles when it is ground to a paste and given with butter.

If you find that the above home remedies for piles to be ineffective and the pain and bleeding aggravates it is must to consult your doctor.


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