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Home remedies for Pyorrhea

The realization of the side effects of the present day medicines has made people look back for the natural remedies that human kind was using for thousands of years. Several home remedies for pyorrhea had been tried by many people which are cheap, effective and works out effective.

Pyorrhea Info

Pyorrhea is a discharge of pus in the teeth. Pyorrhoea affects people of ages. The disease is caused by bacterial activity on the gums that covers the teeth resulting in irritation, inflammation, tenderness and prone to bleed easily. Pyorrhoea is the main cause for tooth loss among the adults. The common causes are poor nutrition, injury to the gums, improper cleaning of the tooth, drugs, certain medication and infections of the teeth.

Pyorrhoea diet and clean habits

Embark on healthy balanced diet with daily serving of leafy green vegetables, whole grains, fresh fruit and minimum proteins from animal fat for natural cleansing of the plaque. Drink plenty of water and avoid sugar sources and limit the use of packed fruit juices and honey. Make a habit to brush and clean your teeth regularly after each meal.

Unripe Gauva is an excellent nutrient for the teeth as it is rich in vitamin C and stops the bleeding from the gums. The tender leaves can be chewed or a decoction of the root bark can be used as a mouthwash.

Eating oranges regularly and rubbing of the skin on the teeth and gums has been found to be a beneficial home treatment for pyorrhoea.

Pomegranate Rind
Mix pepper and common salt with the dry rind of pomegranate and can applied to strengthen the gums, stop bleeding and as a good dentifrice.

Lemon and lime
The high vitamin C content helps in maintaining a healthy gums and teeth. It is a very effective in preventing and curing pyorrhoea

Spinach and Carrot
Raw spinach juice is a very valuable remedy for pyorrhoea. Carrot juice enhances the effect of the spinach juice. A combination of 125 ml of carrot and spinach juice taken daily has a very beneficial effect on the teeth and gums and a permanent aid for this affliction.

Chewing lettuce leaves immediately after meal has been found to be very effective in preventing pyorrhoea.

Wheat can be included as chapattis and taken with other foods and chewed properly for prevention and treatment of pyorrhoea. This provides exercise for the teeth and gums and also aids in digestion.

Other Suggested Home Remedies

Ripe banana is very effective in treating pyorrhoea. Remove the outer peel and eat the banana along with its inner thread like peel.

A tea is made by boiling a teaspoon fenugreek in a litre of water and simmering for fifteen minutes. This when taken regularly is an effective remedy for pyorrhoea.

Make breathing and other exercise as a part of daily routine with hot Epsom salt bath had been found beneficial for pyorrhoea.

Try above home remedies for pyorrhoea and have a beautiful smile. If the above things don't work it is the time to meet your doctor.


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Home Remedies for Pyorrhea

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