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Home Remedies For Rheumatism

Are you suffering from pain and swelling in the muscle, joints and ligaments? It could be the Rheumatic disease. There are several effective and economical Home remedies for Rheumatism that is available in every home to start with.

Rheumatism is a condition in middle-aged and elderly people that cause pain due to osteoarthritis, inflammatory arthritis and soft tissue rheumatism. The primary cause is due to accumulation of toxic waste in the blood. The disease is characterized by fever, intense soreness, pain and swelling of the muscle, ligaments and tendons or joints. Women are three times more prone to the disease than men.

Rheumatism Diet

Drink plenty of water and gradually adopt to a well-balanced diet. Take ripe fruits, fresh vegetable and buttermilk in abundance. Avoid all meat and fish, highly-seasoned foods, tea and coffee, alcohol, white bread and refined cereals. In case of acute rheumatism it is advisable to fast on orange juice and water for three to four days. The breakfast should be orange or grapefruit; lunch with a raw salad of seasonal vegetables with raisins, figs or dates; and one or steamed vegetables as dinner for fourteen days.

Potato Juice

The juice of raw potato is an excellent remedy for rheumatism. Press mashed raw potatoes to prepare juice and take one or two teaspoons before meals. Potato peelings approximately thirty grams should be washed and boiled in half a litre of water and simmered to half. The decoction should be strained and taken three or four times daily.

Bitter gourd

Extract a cup of juice from the vegetable, mix a teaspoon of honey and consume everyday for atleast three months. This provides an excellent relief from rheumatism.


The juice from two or three lemons a day will bring goods results and also beneficial in treating rheumatism.


Powdered seeds can be used as a condiment. Five to ten drops of the fluid extract from the seed is more powerful and should be taken in hot water before meals to have a good relief


Half a dozen of Wlanuts should be thoroughly chewed and taken to achieve beneficial results.


Other Rheumatism Treatments

  • Whip a table-spoon of cod liver oil with orange juice and drinking before going to bed at night is a suggested remedy.
  • Take everyday a large spoonful of fresh carrot juice mixed with equal part or lemon juice for rheumatism treatment.
  • Take once or twice a day a mixture of two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar and honey in a small glass of warm water.
  • Application of heat or hot packs to the affected parts, a hot tub bath or a sponge bath is very helpful in relieving the pain. Fresh air, deep breathing and light outdoor exercise is also advised. Avoid dampness and cold.
  • Bath the affected part in water containing Epsom salts and apply olive oil to have a good relief.

See a relief and smile in your loved ones by enlightening them on these effective home remedies for Rheumatism.

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