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Home Remedies for Vertigo

Do you have an abnormal sensation as if the surrounding environment is continuously spinning or whirling- Hello! It is Vertigo. Effective home remedies for vertigo that works out less expensive and harmless are at easy reach.

Vertigo or Meniere's disease occurs in patients with problems in the posterior semicircular canals (vestibular labyrinth area) of the inner ear. The disease results in specific eye movements, which make the person to feel a sensation of movement that may be either vertical or horizontal.

Balance Exercises

Try to focus on a fixed point across the room that gives more visual information about balance and helps the dizziness pass quickly. Getting up slowly from the bed and breathing slowly and steadily are some tips to be followed.

Vertigo Killer

Vestibular rehabilitation exercises also help the brain to adapt to the changes in the ear. The patient is made to repeatedly change from lying state to sitting and vice versa until complete recovery. These exercises have been found to be effective as they teach the brain that you are in balance.

Massage the Sternocleidomastoid Muscle

Vertigo also results if the diagonal muscle (sternocleidomastoid muscle-SCM) on the front of your neck is tight due to stress or overwork. Massaging the SCM will really help in relieving the dizziness in such situations.

Other Effective Home Remedies

Stop drinking coffee, eat protein products, avoid alcohol and prefer a low sodium diet. These have simply shown to be effective in some vertigo patients.

Strawberries are rich in vitamin C than orange juice. Lots of fresh strawberry with a cup of yoghurt and some milk plus almond is really YUM! - An effective home remedy for vertigo.

A mixture of black pepper, lemon juice and salt with water also reduces the dizziness due to vertigo.

You can sit down and ask someone to place his/ her hand on you head and press gently for about 30 seconds and remove slowly. This has also showed immediate relief from the dizziness.

No sight of relief with these home remedies for vertigo is really the time to consult your doctor. If unattended a persistent vertigo has to be dealt medically.


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Disclaimer: Information provided on this site is for educational purposes. The information in not given as medical advice nor is it intended to propose or offers to propose a cure for any disease or condition. Before starting any medical treatment, please consult your physician.
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