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Home Remedies for Nose Bleed

Home Remedies for nose bleed are now a day considered as significant ones in effecting the healing effects. Yeah. No doubt that the home remedies for nose bleed are given more emphasis even by the medical persons.

Never panic if you have nose bleeding. Just hold nose for five minutes between thumb and index finger. During this time, breathe by mouth.

Never agitate till another day. You may get your nose bleeding stopped in few minutes.
However, if you agitate your head, the capillaries in nose may get again damaged and the bleeding may occur again.

Apply juice obtained from Durva or Durb grass into each nostril and this has got tremendous effects in case of nose bleeding.

As one of the home remedies for nose bleed, you can add a piece of camphor in small amounts of coriander leaves.

Though you have different feeling inside nose due to clots, never attempt to remove clots for a day.

Juice obtained from amla or Indian gooseberry may be of more help since they contain more vitamin C in the contents.

Zinc has some good effect on the maintenance of integrity of blood vessels. Hence, eat food items that have more zinc. For example, you can have whole wheat bread, brown rice and popcorn.

Apply clean water but in cool conditions without any suffocation into the nasal passage to the possible extent.

This leads to healing effects. See that you are not suffocating by this. Also apply ice packs or cold compresses on the external surfaces of nose regions. This helps to stop the bleeding.

Even you eat fig with honey or preferably with Jaggery and this helps for effecting recovery to a greater extent.

Being in dry winter air and mountain air atmosphere will help in making healing effects in a very short time. Yeah. This is a fact.

Even you can rub the contents of vitamin E capsule inside the nostrils and this helps in the provision of antioxidant effects in the spot. Now the nosebleed may stop.

The juice obtained from pomegranate flowers or leaves may also be used as one of the home remedies in these conditions.


Disclaimer: Information provided on this site is for educational purposes. The information in not given as medical advice nor is it intended to propose or offers to propose a cure for any disease or condition. Before starting any medical treatment, please consult your physician.

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