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Infants and Children Home Remedies

Babies below one year are susceptible for all type of ailments as their immune systems are immature. They will go for all type of illness with slight changes in diet, climate, etc. Hence in some of the
families of India and China, they stock medicianl herbs for immediate cure without any side effects.

Whenever an infant cries abnormally for long time, immediately remove the present clothes and wear him/her with fresh, comfortable, loose clothing. It is highly advisable to use cotton cloth over synthetic clothes. These sensitive clothes may cause rashes and itching on your babies sensitive skin.

Next step is to check the crying babies back, ears, and stomach by pressing these areas mildly. If the child reacts immediately for this action,then suitable medication should be given.

Home remedies for an infant and child is available for the commom ailments like stomach pain, common cold, fever,etc.

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