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Home Remedies for Sprain

sprain ImageA stretch or tear in the ligament that connects two or more bones forming a joint results in the common “Ouch” condition Sprain. Fortunately there are very effective home remedies for sprain that has been used time immemorial.

Sprain usually occurs due to sudden and accidental fall, forceful blow or twisting, lifting heavy objects or over stretching. Some of the common areas of sprain are the hamstring, ankles and back. The common items in the kitchen closet can be used as effective home remedy for Sprain.

Self care measures

The best first aid would be to apply an ice pack for 15-20 minutes on the affected part, give adequate rest and keep the affected part elevated to reduce the swelling at the area of sprain.

Wrap the sprain area with an elastic bandage helps to the keep the joint in position and prevents further injury.

One of the popular sprain home remedy is a hot soak for several minutes with Epsum salt, drying the area and applying an elastic bandage.

Pineapple diet

Using pineapple as a part of your diet helps to get relief from sprain. Bromelain, an enzyme that is present in pineapple quickens the healing process however, if your skin itches stop taking pineapples.

Other effective remedies

The affected part can be massaged with almond oil and garlic oil to get quick relief from sprain.

Mix one tablespoon of camphor oil and sunflower oil and massaging the affected part is really helpful.

Apply olive oil and egg yolk on the affected part, cover with a cotton pad and bandage for two days to get relief from sprain. Repeating the bandage after two days is a suggested home remedy for sprain.

Take a tablespoon of black coffee in a bandage and applying on the affected part is a suggested remedy to get relief from the pain.

Take the outer leaves of cabbage, put in hot water and leave for few minutes. Bandaging the leaves for 10-15 minutes around the affected part is also an effective remedy for sprain.

Chop few onions, place in muslin cloth and wrap it around the affected part to get quick relief.

Make a paste of lime leaves and butter and apply on the affected area to reduce the pain from sprain. This is a very effective home remedy for sprain.

Raw lime powder can also be mixed with 1 tablespoon of honey and applied to the affected area.

Heat powdered jaggery in a little quantity of ghee and apply when it is bearable hot in the sprain area to have a relief.

A paste made with fenugreek leaves and lemon juice can be used to relief the pain at the area of sprain.

White wine can be mixed with vinegar and bran an applied to a recent sprain. A towel can also be soaked in hot vinegar and used as a compress to ease the pain.

If your pain aggravates and you finding difficulty in moving these home remedies for sprain are not a helping hand to you. It is the time to meet your doctor to have a complete check up.

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